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Dear Fellow Marketer

Think, for a moment, of the amount of land your dwelling sits on. There’s probably grass, trees, flowers and shrubs, and perhaps some occasional wildlife. Now consider a backyard that consists of a 10.4
million acre spread of forestland.   That’s a lot of trees!

The largest private landholder in the United States just happens to be International Paper.  They own enough trees to last them for many years.  But the story does not stop here.  

Every acre of forestland that International Paper harvests is regenerated through systematic replanting.  With 15 nurseries and 25 orchards, International Paper is also the
world’s largest seedling grower.  The company produces more than 500 million seedlings annually.  To date, they have produced in excess of 7.5 billion seedlings in the United States alone.

Why so many seedlings?  Because every acre of forestland that I.P. harvests is regenerated through
systematic replanting.  Today’s seedlings will become tomorrow’s mature growth.  Just like International Paper, every company can benefit from systematic replanting.  The lifecycle of every customer you currently have is birth, adolescence, possible maturity, and ultimately, a death due to attrition.

The key to further growing your business is to systematically replant to continually find new customers. Use our information to "grow" your new customers.  Within the pages of this catalog you should find mailing lists that will fit your needs.  Sowing seeds now will ensure a bountiful harvest to come.

Your satisfaction is our main concern.  If you have any questions, please call us.  For the past twenty years, we  have been America’s premier mailing list source.  We are proud  to be Market-Street and we will do anything and everything to make you a lifelong customer.  

To further grow your business, call our toll free number at
today.  I just can’t wait to hear the story of your successful growing season.


Chris Velletri



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