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  American Passport Holders
This educated and affluent group will be receptive to any offer that will
make traveling easier and more enjoyable.  They travel for both business
and pleasure.  Don't let them leave home without reading your offer!
Total List:  5,100,000
  Cruise Vacationers
You can reach individuals who have taken a vacation aboard one or more
different cruise liners.  Many of these vacationers have visited the
Caribbean, the Pacific, Mexican Coast, South America and Europe.
Total List:  7,000,000
  Domestic Business Travelers
Individuals who travel for business within the United States, Canada, and
Mexico. They are good candidates for credit card offers, frequent flier
programs, rental car deals, hotel discounts, and GPS navigation.
Total List:  7,900,000
  Frequent Travelers Masterfile
This masterfile is your ticket to frequent domestic and international
travelers.  This audience is educated, affluent, and receptive to offers of
travel, financial services, insurance, credit cards, and high end goods.
Total List:  18,200,000
  International Travelers Masterfile
This list is your ticket for international travelers.  This audience is educated,
affluent and will be receptive to other travel offers, entertainment, financial
services, insurance, credit card offers and high quality catalog merchandise.
Total List:  6,500,000



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