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Sports Television Viewers

  Bowling Television Viewers
Bowling for the television market has slowly grown into a huge business.
For example, the Pro Bowlers Association features the best bowlers in the
world competing in 20 tournaments a year for a purse of over $5 million.
Total List:  2,600,000
  Boxing Television Viewers
Boxing fans are passionate about their sport and will watch televised bouts
as often as possible. This audience tunes into ESPN, Forum Boxing, HBO
World Championship Boxing, HBO Pay-Per-View, Showtime, & more.
Total List:  3,300,000
  Car Racing Television Viewers
These enthusiasts feel the need for speed. Types of programming would
include: NASCAR, Formula 1, Stock Car, Motorcycle, IndyCar, Drag Racing,
Off-Road, etc. Reach these loyal viewers of America's #1 spectator sport.
Total List:  11,900,000
  College Basketball Television Viewers
Here are college hoop TV viewers who will follow them through the regular
season and into the conference playoffs, culminating in the ultimate basketball
event-March Madness. Target viewers who are masters of Bracketology.
Total List: 6,700,000
  College Football Television Viewers
Whoa Nellie, these college pigskin fanatics can't wait for the first snap. This
audience tunes into ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN & ESPN2, FSN, CBS College Sports
Network, Big Ten Network, Versus, and MountainWest.
Total List: 6,300,000
  Fishing Television Viewers
Target die hard angling enthusiasts who can't get enough of their sport.
This audience tunes into ESPN Outdoors, In-Fisherman Television, The
Fishing Channel, The Sportsman Channel, TNN Outdoors, and more.
Total List:  3,800,000
  Golf Television Viewers
These golfing on TV fans enjoy up to the minute golf scores, PGA tour
coverage, news, golf instruction, golf through the decades footage, and
more. Most tune into The Golf Channel (TGC) for their television content.
Total List:  10,400,000
  Horse Racing Television Viewers
For a pure adrenaline rush, few sports offer the quick on-the-edge-of-your-
seat excitement that horse racing does. They tune into ABC, Comcast,
ESPN, HRTV (Horse Racing Television), NBC, NTRA & SportsNet.
Total List:  6,100,000
  Ice Hockey Television Viewers
Pro hockey fans are a die-hard bunch. They keep up with all NHL action,
and will respond to offers of NHL merchandise by team, memorabilia,
fantasy news, tickets, cards, and licensed gear and apparel.
Total List:  5,700,000
  Pro Baseball Television Viewers
When you can't get to the ball game, watching it on TV is the next best thing.
These viewers are hooked on America's pastime and remain loyal to their
favorite team. These dedicated fans will respond to your targeted offer.
Total List:  6,400,000
  Pro Basketball Television Viewers
Die-hard pro basketball fans who can't get enough of watching their
favorite team on TV. Offer them NBA merchandise by team, memorabilia,
fantasy news, magazines, tickets, cards, licensed gear and apparel.
Total List:  4,700,000
  Pro Football Television Viewers
This file includes humongous fans of NFL football, arena football, or both.
They tune into: NBC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, & NFLN. They don't miss the wild card
and divisional playoffs, the Championship games, and the Super Bowl.
Total List:  9,700,000
  Pro Wrestling Television Viewers
Professional wrestling addicts who enjoy the theatrics of this billion
dollar industry. Watching mostly the WWE & TNA, they cheer for
folding chair hits, the piledriver, the backbreaker, and the moonsault.
Total List:  3,200,000
  Rodeo Television Viewers
If these fans can't hit the dirt in person, they get their rodeo fix by watching 
exciting rodeo action on television.  This audience tunes into CBS, CSTV,  
ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports, and the Outdoor Life Network.
Total List:  3,500,000
  Tennis Television Viewers
Tennis fanatics who follow their favorite sport and players on TV. They watch:
The Tennis Channel, ESPN2, NBC and CBS. They watch US, French, Australian
Opens, Wimbledon, ATP and WTA tours, Davis and Fed Cup, and much more.
Total List:  4,700,000



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