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  Active Aircraft Owners & Pilots Masterfile
Reach FAA licensed aircraft pilots and aircraft owners with this
all-inclusive file.  This file is selectable by number of aircraft owned,
type of aircraft and use of aircraft.
Total List:  563,000
  America's Swimming Pool Owners
Over $30 billion is spent annually for pools, spas and related aftermarket
items.  Tap into the disposable income of these upscale consumers
pursuing their lifestyle dreams.
Total List: 3,200,000
  American Boat & Yacht Owners Masterfile
This comprehensive database of vessel owners, ranging from working
to pleasure craft, gives you a chance to catch them on dry land.   All
have registered a marine radio with the FCC.
Total List:  980,500
  Gamblers and High Rollers
Gambling is quickly becoming one of America's preeminent pastimes.  This
file includes the full gamut of casino gamblers --   from those who enjoy
video poker and slots to the more daring table gamers and high rollers.
Total List:  4,300,000
  Gamblers with Las Vegas Casino Credit
These serious casino gamblers have established casino credit during the
past two years in Las Vegas casinos.  Their credit lines run from $500 to
$100,000 (not selectable).  Win big -- test this list today!
Total List:  260,000



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