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Sports Participants

  Archery Participants
Humans have used archery since the dawn of history, first for hunting,
warfare, and in modern times for sport.  It became an official Olympic
game in 1900.  Target this hard to hit audience for a sure bull's eye.
Total List:  5,200,000
  Baseball Participants
These individuals continue to play America's original pasttime sport into
their adulthood. Whether it's recreational or competitive, this physically
active group will appreciate your baseball related offer.
Total List: 5,400,000
  Basketball Participants
This hoop crazy audience continues to play the game, both in adult
leagues and in pick-up. This list includes both indoor and outdoor play,
at various levels of playing competency.
Total List:  6,100,000
  Billiards/Pool Participants
Reach this audience who enjoy"cue" sports, including pocket billiards,
snooker and carom. They will enjoy offers for publications, tables and
balls, sticks, and other billiards related accessories.
Total List:  5,800,000
  Bowling Participants
Bowling is one the most popular family sports in the world. The
challenge of competitive bowling leagues combined with the entertainment
of recreational bowling have made this sport an American pastime.
Total List:  10,200,000
  Cross Country Skiing Participants
This group of individuals loves XC skiing, and is comprised of beginners
to die hard athletes. They are interested in receiving info on XC equipment
such as skis, poles, bindings, boots, magazines, and trail & mountain news.
Total List:  5,200,000
  Downhill Snow Skiing Participants
Skilled skiers who love the thrill and exhilaration of skiing at high
speeds. Offer them alpine skis, bindings, boots, poles, apparel,
downhill magazines and publications, and vacation packages.
Total List:  5,900,000
  Fly Fishing Participants
Enthusiasts who cast with a fly rod and a fly line for: trout, salmon,
pike, bass, panfish, carp, snook, and striped bass. Offer them trips,
rods, reels, flies, nets, tools, tackle, apparel, boxes, DVD's and videos.
Total List:  3,800,000
  Fresh Water Fishing Participants
Fishing enthusiasts who frequent lakes, resevoirs, ponds and tidal rivers.
They enjoy catching largemouth bass, trout, salmon, catfish, and more.
Target them for rods, reels, bait and tackle, subscriptions, and fishing tools.
Total List:  6,900,000
  Hockey Participants
These casual players of all skill levels enjoy dropping the puck and playing
the worlds fastest game, both indoors and outside. Offer them: skates,
sticks, protective gear, apparel, equipment and stick bags.
Total List:  4,200,000
  Ice Skating Participants
This group of ice and figure skaters are passionate about their sport.
Target them for blades, dresses and apparel, soakers, bags, ZUCA
items, bunga pads, magazines, how-to DVD's and videos, and more.
Total List:  5,300,000
  Jogging/Running Participants
These runners and joggers enjoy it for a variety of reasons: competition,
solitude, weight loss, stress reduction, and ease. Offer them publications,
running shoes and gear, apparel, sports bras, and running electronics.
Total List:  8,400,000
  Karate/Martial Arts Participants
Reach individuals who enjoy participating in the martial arts such as: Aikido,
Hapkido, Judo, Ju Jitso, Karate, Kempo, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and more.
Good offers include: magazines, tournaments, and martial arts gear.
Total List:  4,100,000
  Mountain/Rock Climbing Participants
Enthusiasts who enjoy the sport of walking, hiking, trekking or rock
climbing up mountains. Target them for boots and rock shoes, ropes
and harnesses, carabiners, training, and rappeling gear.
Total List:  3,600,000
  Racquetball Participants
Here are individuals who take great joy in playing the angles and
destroying their opponents in both indoor and outdoor raquetball courts.
They need racquets, shoes, gloves, eyewear, bags, grips, headbands, etc.
Total List:  4,200,000
  Saltwater Fishing Participants
Reach saltwater fishermen in North America. They need products and
subscriptions related to: surf casting, jigging, trolling, chumming, tackle &
bait, fishing knots, cleaning the catch, types of game fish and much more.
Total List:  5,000,000
  Snowboarding Participants
The best things in life are free -- as in freeriding, freestyling, and
freecarving. Offer them magazines and gear such as boards, boots,
bindings, outerwear, goggles, beanies, and all things snowboarding.
Total List:  3,400,000
  Soccer Participants
These active soccer players of all ages and skill levels are passionate
about their sport. Offer them balls, shoes, replica jerseys, subscriptions,
team uniforms, gear, bags, guards, and all things soccer.
Total List:  6,200,000
  Softball Participants
Here's an audience that enjoys team sports and plays softball for fun
and competitively in leagues. Offer them training aids, bats, gloves,
footwear, uniforms, batting helmets and gloves, softballs, and subscriptions.
Total List:  5,000,000
  Surfing Participants
Stand-up surfers who practice either longboarding or shortboarding. They live
for their sport, and enjoy magazines, DVD's and videos, and gear such a
boards, rashguards, shorts and tees, racks and pads, and all accessories.
Total List:  2,900,000
  Swimming Participants
Swimmers of all skill levels who swim for sport, fun, and fitness. They
practice their passion in indoor and outdoor pools, plus natural water sources.
Offer them subscriptions, swim gear, swim wear, timing, and nutrition.
Total List:  10,700,000
  Target Shooting Participants
Individuals who test their target accuracy and speed using rifles and
airguns. They're interested in events, magazines, and equipment
(rifles, rests, stands and benches, targets, holders, traps, and safety gear).
Total List:  6,000,000
  Tennis Participants
Reach both casual and competitive tennis players. They play on indoor and
outdoor court surfaces. They're looking for sources for tennis racquets,
apparel, shoes and bags, strings and grips, balls and ball machines, etc.
Total List:  5,300,000
  Volleyball Participants
Volleyball players, from beginners to hardcore, who enjoy playing either
indoor court volleyball or outdoor beach volleyball, or both. Offer them
apparel and equipment, videos, subscriptions, leagues and events, etc.
Total List:  4,800,000
  Water Skiing Participants
From a deep water start to skimming the water, these individulas love the
adrenaline rush. Offer them skis, bindings, ropes and handles, wetsuits,
gloves, life vests, and info on events, instruction, clinics and travel.
Total List:  4,500,000



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