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Outdoors Enthusiasts

  Active Outdoors Enthusiasts
With an increase in stresses in our culture, escape to the great outdoors
is just what the doctor ordered.  These individuals have chosen a variety
of back-to-nature leisure activities to remedy the situation.
Total List: 19,500,000
  Backpacking Participants
These enthusiasts are keen to find: the latest in camping gear and
backpacking food, new trails and destinations, tips to improve their
technique and etiquette, and involvement in the overall community.
Total List:  4,400,000
  Beach & Lake Lovers
Water is the main attraction with this audience. They can't get enough
of the beach and the lake, whether it be in their backyard or on vacation.
Sun, surf, water sports, tanning; these individuals crave the aquatic life.
Total List: 7,300,000
  Bird Watching Participants
Here are nature lovers who are wild about bird watching or the sport
of birding. They will enjoy offers of bird related gifts, binoculars,
DVD's and CD's, bird houses, and all things birds.
Total List:  6,700,000
  Camping Trip Participants
These individuals get away from urban areas, their homes and civilization
in general to spend one or more nights camping, usually at a campground.
It may involve the use of a RV, popup, tent, or nothing but the stars above.
Total List:  9,400,000
  Club Golf
The long game.  The short game.  The mental game.  This audience is
looking to shave strokes off their score or free up more time to play.
Available by handicap and by rounds played per year.
Total List:  6,300,000
  Fishing/Hunting/Outdoor Publications Readers
Readers of such magazines as: Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Outside
Magazine, In-Fisherman, Sport Fishing, American Angler, Guns and
Ammo, Bowhunter, Deer and Deer Hunting, Bow and Arrow, etc.
Total List:  8,300,000
  Fitness & Exercise Participants
There are no couch potatoes here.  These exercise buffs are dedicated to
keeping themselves fit.  They are receptive to any offer that allows them
to increase or enhance athletic performance or overall fitness.
Total List:  9,500,000
  Golf Club Buyers
Avid golfers who have purchased clubs either at a specialty store or online
within the last 12 months. Purchased brands include: Adams, Callaway,
Cleveland, Cobra, Hippo, Nickent, Nike, Ping, Taylormade, Titleist, and more.
Total List:  5,100,000
  Hiking Participants
Outdoors and nature loving types who love to walk the trails in rural or
wilderness areas for relaxation, exploring, scenery, and exercise. Target
them for boots, bags, tents, backpacks, lighting, gadgets, kitchen gear, etc.
Total List:  6,100,000
  Horseback Riding Participants
These equestrians enjoy riding styles such as western, english, dressage,
classical, trail, and casual. This list includes all skill levels. They'll jump for
offers of equipment, magazines, vacations, saddles, and horseback related.
Total List:  4,600,000
  Jet Ski/Wave Running Participants
Here are avid enthusiasts of all types of PWC's (personal water crafts),
including the specific brands of Jet Ski and WaveRunner. Splash your offers
of PWC's, accessories, magazines, wetsuits and vests, and maintenance.
Total List:  3,900,000
  Men's Jogging/Workout Clothes Buyers
Men need performance-driven fabrics and technical features in their apparel
when doing tough workouts. They have made a purchase within the last year,
as they enjoy the style and comfort of clothes geared towards sweating.
Total List:  5,100,000
  Mountain Biking Participants
Target physical fitness fans who enjoy the adrenaline rush of mountain biking.
They off-road on unpaved trails or through rough terrain. Make offers of
magazines, gear, clubs, vacations and outings, and all levels of bikes.
Total List:  5,000,000
  Power Boat Participants
This audience of power boaters have gone out multiple times in the last 12
months. Target them for boating gear and electronics, trolling gear, trailers,
rod holders, magazines and subscriptions, and all things power boating.
Total List:  5,600,000
  Road Bicycling Participants
You can reach a group who loves the freedom and economy of hitting the
road on two wheels, via pedal power. They're receptive to offers of gear,
magazines, trips, training information, fix it tips, and bike culture.
Total List:  6,400,000
  Sailing Participants
These recreational sailers have all hit the wind within the last year. They
have either cruised, day sailed, raced, or dinghy sailed. They love their sport,
and would generously respond to all things sailing.
Total List:  3,900,000
  Ski Resort Enthusiasts
Avid skiers who just can't wait to hit the slopes at their favorite resort(s).
They're interested in learning about the over 600 resorts located in the
US and over 200 in Canada. Snowplow them with offers.
Total List:  4,600,000
  Skin Diving/Snorkeling Participants
Reach participants in either skin diving, scuba diving, or snorkeling in the past
12 months. They can't wait to get back under the H20, and need info on vacations,
dive charters, magazines, gear, training, dive deals, and more.
Total List:  4,300,000
  Snowmobiling Participants
The excitement begins to mount as the snow flies and the mobiles are hitting
the trails. These avid snowmobilers, for fun and travel, are hungry for more info.
Offer them subscriptions, helmets, outerwear, sled gear, and upgrades.
Total List:  4,200,000
  Women's Jogging/Workout Clothes Buyers
These buyers have purchased women's performance jogging wear within the
last 12 months. They are looking for puffer vests, hoodies, micro fleece,
jackets, pants, pullovers, headbands, and tees.
Total List:  6,000,000



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