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Sports Fans

  College Basketball Fans
When the weather turns cold you know that college basketball is heating
up. These fans watch their favorite teams in person. Of course, the NCAA
finals is the highlight when the whole country gets final four crazy.
Total List: 7,300,000
  College Football Fans
This audience is rabid for live action. From the pregame tailgate parties, to
the roar of the crowd celebrating a victory over a rival, few things in sports
can compare to the weekly festive gatherings during college football season.
Total List: 7,000,000
  Pro Football Fans
NFL fans who feel the adrenaline rush of "being there." They endure parking
hassles and weather, expensive concessions, rude spectators, and more to
support their favorite team and sometimes history in the making.
Total List:  7,500,000



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