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Anglers of America

  Anglers of America
Whether they're jigging for halibut,  surfcasting for blues or flyfishing
for rainbow, the motivation is largely the same: For most it's more
about the fishing than the catching.
Total List:  1,854,000
  Anglers of America - Bass Fishing
These anglers know the difference between largemouth, smallmouth,
and spotted.  They are true bass fishing enthusiasts and buy: rods,
reels, lures, baits, plastics, lines, knives, sunglasses, and camping gear.
Total List:  120,700
  Anglers of America - Fly Fishing
How do you fancy your flies?  Dry or wet?  Insect or warm blooded?  
Here are true fly fishing enthusiasts who buy: flyrods, flies, lines,
leaders, fly boxes, tying tools, waders, nets, and fly fishing gear.
Total List:  46,000
  Anglers of America - Hunters
These hunters possess an additional license for their "reel" addiction -
fishing!  They are true aficionados who cannot get enough of either
sport.  Target this hard to find list of dual license holders.
Total List:  1,681,000
  Anglers of America - Out of State
These anglers have all acquired fishing licenses so they can wet their
lines out of their state of residence.  These states generate millions of
dollars in fees and business generated by this audience of avid anglers.
Total List:  72,900
  Anglers of America - Saltwater Fishing
Here are saltwater anglers who fish for such species as: tuna, wahoo,
cobia, snapper, mahi mahi, tarpon, speckled trout, and more.  Present
these saltwater fish enthusiasts the right offer and watch them bite.
Total List:  571,800



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