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  American Express Card Holders
Holders of "The Card".  These discriminating consumers want and
expect the best, and are always on the lookout for the products and
services that will help them experience it.
Total List: 7,700,000
  Bank Card Holders
Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted bank cards in the
world.  If you accept these cards, target the individuals who enjoy the
convenience of purchasing with a bank card.
Total List:  22,700,000
  Blue Collar Mail Order Buyers
These proven last 12-month mail order buyers (selectable by 20 specific
interests) represent a stable and well paid segment of America's  
population.  These are consistent buyers who are ready to spend.
Total List:  11,700,000
  Cash & Check Mail Order Buyers
This group of mail order buyers has made purchases by either cash or
check.  This list has been double verified against a national bank card
holders file and it is more than likely that they do not hold bank cards.
Total List:  6,300,000
  Computer/Electronic Mail Order Buyers
Proven computer and electronic buyers provides the perfect audience for
low to high-end computer systems, home entertainment systems, VCRs,
video games, cellular phones and other electronics based offers.
Total List:  22,700,000
  Credit Card Families with Children
Reach big users of family oriented products, improvements for the
house, insurance, investment opportunities, magazine subscriptions,
travel opportunities, and more.
Total List:  33,600,000
  Credit Card Mail Order Buyers
One hundred percent credit card twelve month mail order buyers,
grouped by twenty specific interests and activities in one de-duplicated
list.  These are consistent buyers ready to spend.
Total List:  38,500,000
  Diners Club Card Holders
Are these discriminating diners the ingredient for your marketing mix?  
Their appetite for fine goods and services is voracious.  This hard to find
audience will appreciate your upscale offer.
Total List:  1,600,000
  Discover Card Holders
The Discover Card is a smart choice if you enjoy up to 2% cash back, no
annual fee, 100% fraud protection and great discounts.  Find out why
these holders feel this is "the only card you'll need."
Total List:  6,500,000
  Elite Bank Card Holders
These are America's most affluent consumers who enjoy the convenience
of purchasing with plastic.  They make frequent purchases through direct
mail in order to accommodate their busy lifestyles.
Total List:  7,600,000
  Elite Mail Order Buyers
This file is comprised of proven higher income 100% mail order buyers, who
appreciate fine quality merchandise.  Grouped by 20 specific interests and
activities in one de-duplicated list.
Total List:  11,500,000
  Female Credit Card Holders
Female buying power is strong.  These credit card holders are ready
to buy for both home and business and enjoy the convenience of
making purchases with credit.  This market should not be overlooked.
Total List:  58,900,000
  Female Heads of Household with Credit Cards
If you have a quality offer, this is a list of over 8 million female decision
makers in a good position to respond immediately.  These savvy
consumers enjoy shopping for themselves as well as their families.
Total List:  19,400,000
  In-Home Business Owners
Ihese business owners, operating out of their home, are responsible for
their own: business plans, accounting, SBA loans, health insurance, legal
aspects, seed money, bank accounts and self discipline.
Total List:  3,600,000
  Internet Buyers
Contact consumers who are known internet buyers.  They have discovered
the ease and convenience  of shopping online.  Target your promotion by
selecting from numerous product categories and demographic selections.
Total List:  21,200,000
  Mail Order Buyer Families with Children
These traditional American families are proven mail order respondents.
They are looking for the offers and products that will complement their
lifestyle: furnishings, insurance, real estate, credit cards, travel, etc.
Total List:  14,500,000
  Mail Order Buyers Masterfile
This file consists of 12-month, 100% mail order buyers, grouped by 24
specific interests and activities in one de-duplicated list.  These are 
consistent buyers who are ready to spend.  The largest file of its kind.
Total List:  46,200,000
  Mail Order Homeowners
Homeowner mail order buyers are receptive to offers of household
furnishings & appliances, home improvements, workshop & gardening
tools, insurance, credit card promotions, fund raising and more.
Total List:  36,600,000
  National Credit Card Masterfile
One of the largest compilations of credit card holders on the market.
Combine the size of the file with the extensive number of demographic
selections, and you have one of the most flexible files available.
Total List:  48,000,000
  New Movers Mail Order Buyers
Each month you can receive a new list of mail order responsive new
movers.  These mail order buyers will spend more money during the first
six months in their new homes than an established resident will in 5 years.
Total List: 4,900,000
  New Movers with Credit Cards
New movers require products and services for their new homes, and,
as credit card holders, are proven to be more mail order responsive
than non-credit card holders.
Total List:  5,400,000
  Retail Card Holders
This list of retail card holders gives you access to consumers who are prime
prospects for promotions of catalog merchandise, apparel, banking and
financial programs, household products, fundraisers, jewelry & more.
Total List:  21,000,000
  Senior Mail Order Buyers
Target seniors who are 12-month, 100% mail order buyers, grouped by 20
specific interests and activities in one deduplicated list.  They enjoy the
ease of shopping from the comfort of their own homes.
Total List:  21,800,000
  Upscale Retail Shoppers
This file is comprised of higher income shoppers who are looking for
fine quality, upscale merchandise, designer apparel, health clubs,
travel offers, jewelry and the like.
Total List:  10,300,000
  Working Women Mail Order Buyers
These working women direct mail buyers have personal and professional
buying power.  They are excellent prospects for: clothing, jewelry, giftware,
cosmetics, catalogs, magazines, fundraising appeals, collectibles, and more.
Total List:  23,100,000


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