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  Affluent Seniors
Well-to-do seniors make up the hottest emerging market today.  Holding
a great amount of disposable income and time they are good prospects
for travel, healthcare services, luxury items, children's products and more.
Total List:  5,100,000
  Elderly Parents Living with their Children
This market experiences the emotional and practical aspects of "sharing
the nest."  Journeying with parents into their old age creates irreplaceable  
memories that live on long after the parents are gone.
Total List:  4,600,000
  Grandparents Masterfile
Grandparents are able to help and indulge their children and
grandchildren.  This market holds 77% of all financial assets in the
country and 50% of its disposable income.
Total List:  6,500,000
  Senior Credit Card Holders
These buyers, 55+ years in age, will be purchasing items for themselves
and their grandchildren.  Most are free of major expenses: mortgages,
child-rearing, or college educations.
Total List:  32,800,000
  Senior Homeowners Masterfile
Americans over 50 account for 77% of the country's spending power
and over half of its discretionary income.  They they have above
average incomes and 80% of them own their home free and clear.
Total List:  40,500,000
  Senior Mail Order Buyers
Target seniors who are 12-month, 100% mail order buyers, grouped by 20
specific interests and activities in one deduplicated list.  They enjoy the
ease of shopping from the comfort of their own homes.
Total List:  21,800,000
  Seniors by Exact Age Masterfile
Seniors, selectable by exact age (dd/mm/yy) for highly targeted
campaigns, are the fastest growing segment of the population,
and hold 50% of the nation's disposable income.
Total List:  20,100,000



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