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  Female Heads of Household with Credit Cards
If you have a quality offer, this is a list of over 8 million female decision
makers in a good position to respond immediately.  These savvy
consumers enjoy shopping for themselves as well as their families.
Total List:  19,400,000
  In-Home Business Owners
These business owners, operating out of their home, are responsible for
their own: business plans, accounting, SBA loans, health insurance, legal
aspects, seed money, bank accounts and self discipline.
Total List:  3,600,000
  New Movers Mail Order Buyers
Each month you can receive a new list of mail order responsive new
movers.  These mail order buyers will spend more money during the first
six months in their new homes than an established resident will in 5 years.
Total List: 4,900,000
  New Movers Masterfile
This highly deliverable file is comprised of consumers who have moved
within the last year.  Compiled every thirty days, you can receive a
brand new list of new movers each month.
Total List:  5,800,000
  New Movers with Credit Cards
New movers require products and services for their new homes, and,
as credit card holders, are proven to be more mail order responsive
than non-credit card holders.
Total List:  5,400,000
  Occupant Masterfile
At 98% coverage, the Occupant Masterfile reaches virtually every
household in America and is the most accurate saturation consumer
mailing list available (addressed to occupant or resident).
Total List:  127,000,000
  Portraits of America
A total of 36 lifestyle segments that represent groups of people living
in neighborhoods with similar demographic characteristics and having
similar behavior patterns.
Total List:  70,000,000
  Renters Masterfile
This often overlooked market offers consumers who, in many cases, are
just getting started and have not yet established product and service
provider loyalties.  Now is when you can start to make customers for life.
Total List:  6,700,000
  Residential Masterfile
A comprehensive file offering all the nation's households, with numerous
selections available, including age, income, gender, presence and age of
children, telephone numbers and much more, at no additional charge.
Total List:  82,500,000


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