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  America's Swimming Pool Owners
Over $30 billion is spent annually for pools, spas and related aftermarket
items.  Tap into the disposable income of these upscale consumers
pursuing their lifestyle dreams.
Total List: 3,400,000
  Equity Spenders
Names available in six states (CA, NV, IL, FL, AZ, & TX).  Monthly, tens of
thousands of homeowners are granted tax-deductible home equity
loans (a.k.a. Redi-Lines of Credit, Equity Lines, or Second Mortgages).
Total List:  9,500,000
  Homeowner Credit Card Holders
These conscientious consumers have made what is most likely the largest
investment of their lives -- a home.  They are looking for any offer that will
help to improve or maintain this investment.
Total List:  28,000,000
  Homeowners with Equity
Homeowners who have lived in the same house for over 10 years and
have been building equity which can be tapped for such things as home
equity loans, financial offers, insurance, travel, catalogs sales, etc.
Total List:  13,000,000
  Mail Order Homeowners
Homeowner mail order buyers are receptive to offers of household
furnishings & appliances, home improvements, workshop & gardening
tools, insurance, credit card promotions, fund raising and more.
Total List:  36,600,000
Your upscale direct mail offer will be afforded careful consideration from
within the comforts of these individual's beautiful homes.  This list is
comprised of millionaires and multi-millionaires.
Total List:  7,500,000
  Mortgage Masterfile
These homeowners are great prospects for refinancing opportunities,
second mortgages or home equity loans.  Select by mortgage amount,
purchase price, loan type, rate type, down payment amount, and more.
Total List:  31,000,000
  New Homeowners
New homeowners will spend more for home related purchases in six
months than an established resident will in two years.  Over 75% of
them will place catalog orders within their first year in their new homes.
Total List:  2,000,000
  Newly Constructed Homes
New construction brings new challenges to these homeowners.  Count on
additional items to buy for the interior, as well as landscaping and related
services.  Reach them early and get in on their spending frenzy.
Total List:  250,000
  Realty Masterfile
Market-Street’s Realty Masterfile enables you to reach all known
homeowners in a given area, including those who are well established
in their neighborhoods and those with strong equity positions.
Total List:  64,000,000
  Senior Homeowners Masterfile
Americans over 50 account for 77% of the country's spending power
and over half of its discretionary income.  They they have above
average incomes and 80% of them own their home free and clear.
Total List:  40,500,000


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