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Portraits of America

  Brady Bunch
This group is comprised of larger families, with a high probability of
teenagers.  The parents are professionally employed, with high
incomes.  They live in wealthy suburban family neighborhoods.
Total List: 1,987,000
  Bright Lights, Big City
These single, well educated individuals are professionally
employed.  They are young and mobile.  Most live in condos
or apartments, paying hefty rents to live in the big city.
Total List:  1,825,500
  Country Roads
This older group is less educated, with lower incomes, than their more
more mobile peers.  There are few children present.  Many are retirees
living in old, single family houses in small towns and rural locations.
Total List:  2,400,000
  Down Home Country
Target families with children who reside in rural areas.  Most live in 
lower valued homes.  The bread winners are blue collar workers
with average educations and wages.
Total List:  2,100,000
  Dual Incomes
Here are households that are comprised of two or more workers.  Most
are employed in technical/sales positions, earning above average
incomes.  Many own their own homes in the metropolitan suburbs.
Total List:  1,302,000
  Eight is Enough
These high income, dual-career families have the highest probability of
multiple school aged children.  These large families tend to own new  
homes located in more rural locations and are highly mobile.
Total List:  972,000
  Elks & Lawrence Welk
Reach this group comprised of older, blue collar workers.  These folks
have average educations and make below average incomes.  They
have low mobility and live in homes located in rural areas.
Total List:  1,900,000
  Established Elite
This group represents the highest socioeconomic segment of society.  
These college educated professionals are predominantly middle-aged,
white, and are the top executives and professionals in their field.
Total List:  606,000
  Factory Whistle
Target these older, blue collar workers who have been working in  
factories most of their lives.  They have below average educations
and make below average incomes.  They live in older housing.
Total List:  875,000
  Full House
The households in this segment are comprised of large families with
multiple children.  Both parents work, earning above average incomes.
These homeowners live in family oriented neighborhoods.
Total List:  4,290,000
  Gen X-ers
These are young, single professionals entering the corporate world.
They tend to be new college graduates.  Most are employed in entry
level professional positions, earning below average incomes.
Total List:  1,390,000
  Golden Oldies
This older group is retired or getting ready to retire.  They've been well
educated, professionally employed and made comfortable salaries.
They reside in homes and condo's with high market values or rents.
Total List:  2,800,000
  Grain Belt
Presenting a predominantly white group working as laborers in farming
related jobs.  Most have low educations and incomes.  They tend to be
married couples who own older homes in rural areas.
Total List:  2,400,000
  Immigrant Mix
Here's a group of older immigrants and their families living in ethnically  
grouped neighborhoods.  Foreign languages are spoken in a high
proportion of these households.  They live in older homes in urban areas.
Total List:  1,700,000
  Little Pink Houses
Target these folks who live in lower value single family houses built
in the 1950's and 1960's.  The owners of these homes have average
educations and make an average income.
Total List:  1,660,000
  Living the Dream
These well educated professionals are upwardly mobile.  They are
younger, married couples with multiple school-aged children.  Their
homes tend to be new, in wealthy metropolitan communities.
Total List:  2,325,000
  Melting Pot
This group of mixed ethnic backgrounds lives in urban neighborhoods.
They tend to live in apartment buildings with people of similar ethnic
origin.  These individuals are young, single and highly mobile.
Total List:  1,800,000
  Mill Towns
This group is comprised of less educated, blue collar workers, making 
below average incomes.  They work in manufacturing plants located in
mill towns.  Many live in low value homes built in the '50's and '60's.
Total List:  830,000
  Motion with Promotion
This highly mobile segment of young working couples is career driven.
This group is comprised of white collar workers who possess above
average education and income levels.  They have young children.
Total List:  2,365,000
  Movies and Milkshakes
The classic "All-American" family.  These families earn an above average
income and own their homes.  Most of these homes, built in the '60's, are
located in small towns.  Many of these homes contain teenaged children.
Total List:  1,080,000
  Nest Egg Builders
Here are older white collar workers, with above average incomes, in
their prime earning years.  They are building their nest eggs as they
look forward to retirement.  They now have fewer kids to support.
Total List:  1,530,000
  Out in the Big World
Reach this mobile group of young adults who are just starting out.  They
possess average educations, but survive on low incomes.  Home is usually
a small apartment located in a small town.  There are few children present.
Total List:  3,000,000
  Pigeon Feeders
These old folks are retirees, with many living in one-person households.
They live in apartments located in urban areas and subsist on very low
incomes.  This group has the lowest incidence of children present.
Total List:  1,100,000
  Porches with Rocking Chairs
This audience is comprised of older individuals with below average 
incomes and educations.  Located primarily in the South, they live in
single family homes with few children present.
Total List:  2,500,000
  Prime Timers
Here's an older group of white collar workers who are on the road to
retirement.  They are in their peak earning years, possessing above
average incomes.  This group is stabile with little or no mobility.
Total List:  3,700,000
  Prosperous Suburbia
Target two income families that are middle aged and established.  This
ethnic mix of successful business people usually live in metro areas.
Most own high value homes and are less mobile than younger couples.
Total List:  1,908,000
  Rural Manufacturing
This group of low income, blue collar workers is struggling to survive.
They work in manufacturing plants located in rural areas, primarily
in the South.  Unemployment is high and their education is limited.
Total List:  1,170,000
  Rural Workers
Here are low income families who live and work in rural areas.  The
family is supported by one worker who is employed in the farm
industry.  They are poorly educated and often move seasonally.
Total List:  1,700,000
  Smokestacks & Factories
Reach blue collar manufacturing job workers located primarily in the  
North Central United States. These regions tend to have high
unemployment rates.  Those that are employed make average incomes.
Total List:  2,800,000
  Solo Seniors
These older folks are retired and live alone in single person households.
They have below average educations and survive on low incomes.
Total List:  960,000
  Trailer Park Blues
Many of these individuals reside in mobile homes, located in rural areas.
This group is younger, mobile and less educated.  They survive on
below average incomes and there is a high incidence of children.
Total List:  4,500,000
  Trailer Sunsets
This audience is comprised of older, retired individuals living in rural areas.
Many of these people live in mobile homes and other types of housing
where there tends to be higher vacancy rates.
Total List:  2,000,000
  Upper Crust
Target this group of very high income individuals who are employed in
professional and top executive positions.  They own new homes or
condos in prime locations and drive expensive automobiles.

Total List:  811,000
  Urban Hip
This segment is comprised of a younger, mobile, ethnic mix of individuals. 
They have: average education, fewer children, and below average
incomes.  Home is an urban area apartment that they struggle to afford.
Total List:  2,000,000
  Working Couples in the 'Burbs
These couples have their roots firmly planted in suburban neighborhoods. 
Their jobs have allowed them to make above average incomes.  They own
their homes, most having been built in the '50's, and are planning to stay.
Total List:  2,600,000
  Young Professionals
Here are young, employed individuals that are well educated and
earn higher than average salaries.  This group tends to be mobile,
living in high rent apartments and condominiums.
Total List:  2,100,000



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