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  Coffee Party Supporters
Reach Coffee Party Supporters, a grassroots organization that acts
independently of political parties, big business and lobbyists. They seek to
return gov't to the people. Protecting the democratic process is their goal
Total List: 200,000
  Fox News Fans
Right leaning Fox News is on track to have its most-watched year ever
in 2009, averaging 2.1 million viewers (the same number of viewers as
the top three other cable news networks combined).
Total List: 1,500,000
  Rush Limbaugh Show Listeners
With a weekly radio audience of 13.5 million listeners, the Rush
Limbaugh Show listeners make up the largest talk show audience in the
US. The host is widely recognized as the conservative voice of America.
Total List: 4,300,000
  Sarah Palin Supporters
Target supporters of the former Alaska governor. She's a populist-leaning
conservative who is a staunch proponent of limited, cost-effective government.
Many have read her best selling book, "Going Rogue: An Amerian Life".
Total List: 800,000
  Tea Party Supporters
Reach Tea Party supporters, a non-partisan grassroots group who seeks
to minimize government spending and taxation. They value fiscal
responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.
Total List: 1,100,000


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