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  American Union Members
Union members are the backbone of America's workforce. Our skilled
labor force is the envy of the world. These fiercely loyal workers bring
stability to our nation's economy, and will be loyal to the right offer.
Total List: 261,000
  Blue Collar Mail Order Buyers
These proven last 12-month mail order buyers (selectable by 20 specific
interests) represent a stable and well paid segment of America's  
population.  These are consistent buyers who are ready to spend.
Total List:  7,700,000
  Blue Collar Workers with Credit
These responsible blue collar workers are solid consumers of many
family-oriented products.  The large quantity of names and demographic
selections makes this a very large and flexible blue collar list.
Total List:  11,400,000
  Executives at Home Masterfile
America's busiest executives are sometimes best reached at home, away
from the maddening crowd at the office. These high-salaried executives
include: Chairmen, CEO's, Presidents, VP's, CFO's, Directors, and more.
Total List:  2,900,000
  High Income Blue Collar Workers
Find high salaried workers that represent the backbone of America's
economy.  This market is predominated by families with dual incomes
and high employment, and is good for family oriented products.
Total List:  11,900,000
  In-Home Business Owners
These business owners, operating out of their home, are responsible for
their own: business plans, accounting, SBA loans, health insurance, legal
aspects, seed money, bank accounts and self discipline.
Total List:  3,600,000
  Nurses At Home Address
This file of nurses is compiled from state license registrations.  They are
excellent prospects for continuing education, medical publications,
seminars, uniforms and shoes, recruitment and the like.
Total List:  5,700,000
  Nurses By Specialty At Home Address
Think to use this list when you need to reach nurses by their specific
specialty.  Select by nursing specialty, age, income, marital status, license
issue date, state of issue and more.
Total List:  335,000
  Professionals at Home Masterfile
The combined purchasing power of these professionals (Architects,
Attorneys, CPAs, Dentists, Doctors, Engineers & Veterinarians), found at
their home address, provides an ideal audience for upscale offers.
Total List:  7,100,000
  White Collar Workers with Credit
Target these success oriented individuals who will buy products or services
that will help them get ahead.  They make quick, intelligent decisions, and
they want the finest products at their fingertips.
Total List:  6,600,000


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