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General Television Viewers

  Daytime Soap Opera Viewers
This predominantly female viewership tunes in daily to watch their favorite
soap. This file cuts evenly across all income levels. The majority are married
with children, employed, and often record their soap for later viewing.
Total List:  7,700,000
  Fox News Fans
Right leaning Fox News is on track to have its most-watched year ever
in 2009, averaging 2.1 million viewers (the same number of viewers as
the top three other cable news networks combined).
Total List:  1,500,000
  Home Shopping Television Viewers
Who can resist the hypnotic lure of home-shopping television? These viewers
enjoy the convenience of ordering on the phone and online. The most popular
networks represented on this list include: HSN, QVC, ShopNBC, and Shop At Home.
Total List:  5,900,000
  Infomercial Television Viewers
About one out of every four American adults have purchased an item they
saw advertised on an informercial. Popular ones include: the Magic Bullet,
Natural Cures, Ka-Boom, the Swivel Sweeper, the Deluxe Gopher, and more.
Total List:  4,200,000



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