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  Cigar Smokers
This file allows you reach this affluent, well educated group.  These
cigar smokers spend an average of $35.50 per week on cigars.  We
strongly encourage testing and then rolling this market.
Total List: 812,000
  Gamblers and High Rollers
Gambling is quickly becoming one of America's preeminent pastimes.  This
file includes the full gamut of casino gamblers --   from those who enjoy
video poker and slots to the more daring table gamers and high rollers.
Total List:  4,300,000
  Gamblers with Las Vegas Casino Credit
These serious casino gamblers have established casino credit during the
past two years in Las Vegas casinos.  Their credit lines run from $500 to
$100,000 (not selectable).  Win big -- test this list today!
Total List:  260,000
  Weight Loss Group Members
Shedding the pounds and achieving a healthy lifestyle are the goals for 
this group.  These people belong to various weight loss groups where   
they learn about proper nutrition & get the support to attain their goals.
Total List:  550,000
  Wine Drinkers
Wine is sensually exciting and hedonistically appealing.  It complements
almost any dish and come to find out, it might even be good for you!  
There's history, geography, psychology, labor, and ego in every bottle.
Total List:  3,500,000



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