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Kids and Teens

  Credit Card Families with Children
Reach big users of family oriented products, improvements for the
house, insurance, investment opportunities, magazine subscriptions,
travel opportunities, and more.
Total List:  33,600,000
  Families with Children Masterfile
Households with children require a multitude of products and services
associated with raising children from the cradle to the time when they
set out on their own.  You may select by the child's exact age.
Total List:  29,500,000
  Grandparents Masterfile
Grandparents are able to help and indulge their children and
grandchildren.  This market holds 77% of all financial assets in the
country and 50% of its disposable income.
Total List:  6,500,000
  Mail Order Buyer Families with Children
These traditional American families are proven mail order respondents.
They are looking for the offers and products that will complement their
lifestyle: furnishings, insurance, real estate, credit cards, travel, etc.
Total List:  14,500,000
  New Births Masterfile
Being a new parent triggers a wave of spending ranging from diapers and
clothing to new cars and even homes.  Approximately one of every two
births is a first baby, creating remarkable  sales opportunities.
Total List:  8,060,000
  Wealthy Families with Children
This file adds an element of prosperity, making these households ideal 
targets for many high-end family and child oriented offers.  You may select 
by children's ages, by age range, and by many more demographic selects.
Total List:  2,300,000
  Working Mothers with Credit Cards
This list addresses an audience of over 4 million working mothers --
a group with perhaps the least amount of free time on their hands.  
They rely on the convenience of direct mail to make purchases.
Total List:  4,500,000



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