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  America's Photographers
These avid enthusiasts are prime buyers of digital cameras and
accessories, 35mm compacts and SLR's, lenses, filters, flashes, and the
like.  Test this audience for offers of electronics and new technologies.
Total List: 3,200,000
  Antique Shopping Enthusiasts
From "newbies" to the most sophisticated collectors, this file represents
the best cross section of enthusiasts that collect antiques, estate items,
and reproductions. Join the antiques roadshow craze and test this file.
Total List:  6,700,000
  Coin Collecting Enthusiasts
Here are numismatists, on all levels, who enjoy collecting for coin rarity,
for investment, or because it's an easy and fun hobby. Offer them coins,
price guides, coin news, proof and mints sets, and coin collecting supplies.
Total List:  5,400,000
  Cooking Enthusiasts
These "foodies" devote themselves to the epicurian arts. Their kitchens tend
to be high-end, and they are always looking for new sources for gourmet and
specialty foods, culinary accessories, recipe sources, and magazines.
Total List:  6,300,000
  Flower Gardening Enthusiasts
Target enthusiasts who enjoy planting flowers for relaxation and beauty. They'll
dig offers for: garden design, flowering bulbs, tools, seeds, herbs, rose plants,
wildflowers, tulips, how to guides, decorative grasses, fungicides, trees, etc.
Total List:  9,200,000
  Flower Seed and Bulb Buyers
Flower lovers whose purchases over the last 12 months include bulbs such as:
begonias, daffodils, hostas, peonies, tulips and more. Seeds include: sunflowers,
forget me nots, wildflowers, butterfly, daisy, red poppy, annuals perenniels, etc.
Total List:  8,000,000
  Gardening Equipment Buyers
"Get your hands dirty" types who enjoy growing flowers, foliage, vegetables
and fruit. They have purchased in the last 12 months gardening tools, seeds,
carts, apparel, gloves, compost, ferrtilizers, trellises, and much more.
Total List:  4,900,000
  Painting/Drawing/Sculpting Participants
Reach casual artists who create art for personal growth and expression. They use
a variety of mediums. They are prime candidates for school offers, art supplies,
magazines, how-to books, art accessories, frames, and design related.
Total List:  4,100,000
  Stamp Collecting Enthusiasts
Philatelists, on all levels, who enjoy collecting for stamp rarity, for investment,
or because it's an easy and fun hobby. Offer them buying opportunities, price
guides, stamp news, commemorative year sets, and stamp collecting supplies.
Total List:  2,600,000
  Vegetable Gardening Enthusiasts
Be healthy, and grow your own. This audience loves info on plants, seeds,
insect control, fences, greenhouses, plant care, herbs, organics, flowers,
magazines and subscriptions, how-to books, lawncare, and more.
Total List:  9,800,000
  Woodworking Enthusiasts
Woodworkers who love to see the sawdust fly. This list encompasses both
hobbyists on up to professionals. They will respond to offers of tools and
supplies, instructions and plans, schools and workshops.
Total List:  6,200,000


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