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  Americans with Ailments
These individuals are experiencing one or more of a myriad of selectable
ailments or illnesses.  Your offers for medications, relief, or quality of life
products will be greatly appreciated.
Total List: 16,000,000
  Contact Lens and Eyeglass Wearers
As you can see, this is one focused audience.  With selections available by
type of contact lens or by eyeglass wearers, this file is clearly a good
choice for you to examine.
Total List:  7,300,000
  Hearing Aid Users
These individuals have sought a device for enhanced hearing quality.  In
many cases, they may still be seeking additional methods, technologies,
and treatments of hearing improvement and would welcome your offer.
Total List:  135,000
  Herbal Supplement Users
This file reaches users of natural remedies to improve their health and
well-being.  Test today  for offers related to health, healing, physical and
mental wellness, and alternative health products.
Total List:  240,000
  Wheelchair Users
Target disabled individuals who rely on a wheelchair for their mobility.  
Product offers for lifts, driving aids, bathroom and rehabilitation equipment,
etc., that enable more independent lives, are always welcomed.
Total List:  69,000


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