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  American Risk Model
The ability of marketers to predict and lift response improves significantly
with the use of American Risk Model.  Use one or any combination of 310
statistics for list selection, along with 300+ demographic elements.
Total List:  93,000,000
  America Seeking Opportunity
This list is comprised of individuals who have participated in or inquire
about: multi-level marketing, money making opportunities, starting their
own businesses, get-rich-quick and self-improvement programs.
Total List:  3,000,000
  Bankruptcy Masterfile
Individuals who have recently file bankruptcy papers.  There are various
bankruptcy and tax lien selects such as: filing type, status date, dollar
amount, petition filing date, release status date, and many more.
Total List:  775,000
  Cash & Check Mail Order Buyers
This group of mail order buyers has made purchases by either cash or
check.  This list has been double verified against a national bank card
holders file and it is more than likely that they do not hold bank cards.
Total List:  6,300,000
  In-Home Business Owners
These business owners, operating out of their home, are responsible for
their own: business plans, accounting, SBA loans, health insurance, legal
aspects, seed money, bank accounts and self discipline.
Total List:  3,600,000
  Portraits of America
A total of 36 lifestyle segments that represent groups of people living
in neighborhoods with similar demographic characteristics and having
similar behavior patterns.
Total List:  70,000,000
  Realty Masterfile
Market-Street’s Realty Masterfile enables you to reach all known
homeowners in a given area, including those who are well established
in their neighborhoods and those with strong equity positions.
Total List:  64,000,000



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