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Credit Cards

  American Express Card Holders
Holders of "The Card".  These discriminating consumers want and
expect the best, and are always on the lookout for the products and
services that will help them experience it.
Total List: 7,700,000
  American Risk Model
The ability of marketers to predict and lift response improves significantly
with the use of American Risk Model.  Use one or any combination of 310
statistics for list selection, along with 300+ demographic elements.
Total List:  93,000,000
  Bank Card Holders
Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted bank cards in the
world.  If you accept these cards, target the individuals who enjoy the
convenience of purchasing with a bank card.
Total List:  22,700,000
  Blue Collar Workers with Credit
These responsible blue collar workers are solid consumers of many
family-oriented products.  The large quantity of names and demographic
selections makes this a very large and flexible blue collar list.
Total List:  11,400,000
  Credit Card Families with Children
Reach big users of family oriented products, improvements for the
house, insurance, investment opportunities, magazine subscriptions,
travel opportunities, and more.
Total List:  33,600,000
  Credit Card Mail Order Buyers
One hundred percent credit card twelve month mail order buyers,
grouped by twenty specific interests and activities in one de-duplicated
list.  These are consistent buyers ready to spend.
Total List:  38,500,000
  Diners Club Card Holders
Are these discriminating diners the ingredient for your marketing mix?  
Their appetite for fine goods and services is voracious.  This hard to find
audience will appreciate your upscale offer.
Total List:  1,600,000
  Discover Card Holders
The Discover Card is a smart choice if you enjoy up to 2% cash back, no
annual fee, 100% fraud protection and great discounts.  Find out why
these holders feel this is "the only card you'll need."
Total List:  6,500,000
  Elite Bank Card Holders
These are America's most affluent consumers who enjoy the convenience
of purchasing with plastic.  They make frequent purchases through direct
mail in order to accommodate their busy lifestyles.
Total List:  7,600,000
  Female Credit Card Holders
Female buying power is strong.  These credit card holders are ready
to buy for both home and business and enjoy the convenience of
making purchases with credit.  This market should not be overlooked.
Total List:  58,900,000
  Female Heads of Household with Credit Cards
If you have a quality offer, this is a list of over 8 million female decision
makers in a good position to respond immediately.  These savvy
consumers enjoy shopping for themselves as well as their families.
Total List:  19,400,000
  Homeowner Credit Card Holders
These conscientious consumers have made what is most likely the largest
investment of their lives -- a home.  They are looking for any offer that will
help to improve or maintain this investment.
Total List:  28,000,000
  In-Home Business Owners
These business owners, operating out of their home, are responsible for
their own: business plans, accounting, SBA loans, health insurance, legal
aspects, seed money, bank accounts and self discipline.
Total List:  3,600,000
  National Credit Card Masterfile
One of the largest compilations of credit card holders on the market.
Combine the size of the file with the extensive number of demographic
selections, and you have one of the most flexible files available.
Total List:  48,000,000
  New Movers with Credit Cards
New movers require products and services for their new homes, and,
as credit card holders, are proven to be more mail order responsive
than non-credit card holders.
Total List:  5,400,000
  Retail Card Holders
This list of retail card holders gives you access to consumers who are prime
prospects for promotions of catalog merchandise, apparel, banking and
financial programs, household products, fundraisers, jewelry & more.
Total List:  21,000,000
  Senior Credit Card Holders
These buyers, 55+ years in age, will be purchasing items for themselves
and their grandchildren.  Most are free of major expenses: mortgages,
child-rearing, or college educations.
Total List:  17,100,000
  White Collar Workers with Credit
Target these success oriented individuals who will buy products or services
that will help them get ahead.  They make quick, intelligent decisions, and
they want the finest products at their fingertips.
Total List:  6,600,000
  Working Mothers with Credit Cards
This list addresses an audience of over 4 million working mothers --
a group with perhaps the least amount of free time on their hands.  
They rely on the convenience of direct mail to make purchases.
Total List:  4,500,000
  Working Women Credit Card Holders
These credit worthy individuals make frequent purchases for home and
business.  This file is a must if you are promoting: catalog merchandise,
banking & financial programs, culinary interests, & child related.
Total List:  23,500,000
  Young Americans with Credit
Here are up-and-coming individuals representing the brains, money and
power of tomorrow.  They have already established credit and are at an
ideal age to establish loyalty to your products and services.
Total List:  8,300,000


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