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  Accredited Super Investors
Everyone on this list has either a net worth over $1 million or income
producing assets over $1 million.  These "super-investors" are the
top 1% of the American investing public.
Total List: 3,900,000
  Active Aircraft Owners & Pilots Masterfile
Reach FAA licensed aircraft pilots and aircraft owners with this
all-inclusive file.  This file is selectable by number of aircraft owned,
type of aircraft and use of aircraft.
Total List:  563,000
  Active Investors Masterfile
These are individuals who have invested in or are looking to invest in:
annuities, bonds, stocks, commodities, futures, options, IRAs, mutual
funds, real estate, money market funds, municipal bonds, & tax shelters.
Total List:  18,000,000
  Affluent Seniors
Well-to-do seniors make up the hottest emerging market today.  Holding
a great amount of disposable income and time they are good prospects
for travel, healthcare services, luxury items, children's products and more.
Total List:  5,100,000
  America's Socially Prominent
Most of the individuals own chic city homes or magnificent country estates,
drive expensive late-model cars, travel frequently for business and
pleasure, and purchase high fashion apparel and luxury items of all kinds.
Total List:  41,500
  American Boat & Yacht Owners Masterfile
This comprehensive database of vessel owners, ranging from working
to pleasure craft, gives you a chance to catch them on dry land.   All
have registered a marine radio with the FCC.
Total List:  980,500
  American Express Card Holders
Holders of "The Card".  These discriminating consumers want and
expect the best, and are always on the lookout for the products and
services that will help them experience it.
Total List:  7,700,000
  Board of Directors at Home Address
Target board members of major U.S. corporations at their home address.
Selectable by number of boards, decade of birth and gender, this file
allows you to reach the nation's top executives in the comfort of home.
Total List:  7,500
  Diners Club Card Holders
Are these discriminating diners the ingredient for your marketing mix?  
Their appetite for fine goods and services is voracious.  This hard to find
audience will appreciate your upscale offer.
Total List:  1,600,000
  Elite Bank Card Holders
These are America's most affluent consumers who enjoy the convenience
of purchasing with plastic.  They make frequent purchases through direct
mail in order to accommodate their busy lifestyles.
Total List:  7,600,000
  Elite Mail Order Buyers
This file is comprised of proven higher income 100% mail order buyers, who
appreciate fine quality merchandise.  Grouped by 20 specific interests and
activities in one de-duplicated list.
Total List:  11,500,000
  Financial News Subscribers
These subscribers to daily, weekly and monthly publications receive
the news, analysis and numbers that help them in today's fast paced
financial world.
Total List:  9,000,000
  Gamblers and High Rollers
Gambling is quickly becoming one of America's preeminent pastimes.  This
file includes the full gamut of casino gamblers --   from those who enjoy
video poker and slots to the more daring table gamers and high rollers.
Total List:  4,300,000
  Gamblers with Las Vegas Casino Credit
These serious casino gamblers have established casino credit during the
past two years in Las Vegas casinos.  Their credit lines run from $500 to
$100,000 (not selectable).  Win big -- test this list today!
Total List:  260,000
  High Income Blue Collar Workers
Find high salaried workers that represent the backbone of America's
economy.  This market is predominated by families with dual incomes
and high employment, and is good for family oriented products.
Total List:  11,900,000
  Homeowners with Equity
Homeowners who have lived in the same house for over 10 years and
have been building equity which can be tapped for such things as home
equity loans, financial offers, insurance, travel, catalogs sales, etc.
Total List:  13,000,000
  International Travelers Masterfile
This list is your ticket for international travelers.  This audience is educated,
affluent and will be receptive to other travel offers, entertainment, financial
services, insurance, credit card offers and high quality catalog merchandise.
Total List:  6,500,000
Your upscale direct mail offer will be afforded careful consideration from
within the comforts of these individual's beautiful homes.  This list is
comprised of millionaires and multi-millionaires.
Total List:  7,500,000
  Professionals at Home Masterfile
The combined purchasing power of these professionals (Architects,
Attorneys, CPAs, Dentists, Doctors, Engineers & Veterinarians), found at
their home address, provides an ideal audience for upscale offers.
Total List:  7,100,000
  Prominent African-Americans Masterfile
Reach African-Americans who have attained a high level of achievement
in politics, business, education, media, film, literature, religion and much
more.  You may select by home and business address.
Total List:  44,400
  Upscale Retail Shoppers
This file is comprised of higher income shoppers who are looking for
fine quality, upscale merchandise, designer apparel, health clubs,
travel offers, jewelry and the like.
Total List:  10,300,000
  Wealth Masterfile
These affluent individuals maintain high levels of discretionary income and 
most have annual incomes well in excess of $100,000 per year.  The file 
includes over 294,000 millionaires and multi-millionaires.
Total List:  17,500,000
  Wealthy Families with Children
This file adds an element of prosperity, making these households ideal 
targets for many high-end family and child oriented offers.  You may select 
by children's ages, by age range, and by many more demographic selects.
Total List:  2,300,000


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