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  Conservative America Masterfile
Direct mail donors who have contributed to various conservative funds,
programs, committees or other Republican backed causes.
Total List: 14,100,000
  Contributors Masterfile
Here's the Masterfile of all of our contributor files.  This is the most
comprehensive and selectable list of donors available on the market.
Total List:  35,000,000
  Environmentalist Masterfile
Donors who responded to various environmental funds, programs,
committees, and other progressive appeals.
Total List:  6,600,000
  Jewish Contributors Masterfile
Direct mail donors that have given generously to various Jewish causes
and programs in the U.S. and Israel.
Total List:  975,000
  Liberalist Masterfile
These donors have come with the cash to keep the Democratic Party
strong at the federal, state, and local levels.
Total List:  9,200,000
  Right Wing Christian Donors Masterfile
Direct mail donors who have recently contributed to various right-wing
or conservative Christian programs and other pro-morality causes.
Total List:  8,500,000
  Traditionalist Masterfile
These direct mail contributors are strong supporters of the Grand
Old Party at every level of government.  This file contains the most
contributing Republicans on the market.
Total List:  17,400,000


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