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  Blu-Ray Disc Player Owners
These owners enjoy the advantages of Blu-ray: superior image resolution,
outstanding audio quality and other DVD features. These optical discs enable
recording and playback of high definition video and large amounts of data storage.
Total List: 1,300,000
  CD-ROM Owners
Reach owners of computers equipped with hardware that plays CD-ROMs,
which are identical to audio CDs except they also provide text, pictures,
and video.  Target these multi-media enthusiasts at their home address.
Total List: 7,000,000
  Cellular Phone Owners
Over 92% of these cellular phone owners enjoy the convenience of
shopping through the mail, and are always on the lookout for the right
offer.  Pick up your own phone and test this list.
Total List:  13,400,000
  Compact Disc Player Owners
These consumers have spent an average of $230 for their CD players,
and will spend much more to complement this purchase.  This list works
well for computers, electronics, and online services.
Total List:  14,500,000
  Computer/Electronic Mail Order Buyers
Proven computer and electronic buyers provides the perfect audience for
low to high-end computer systems, home entertainment systems, VCRs,
video games, cellular phones and other electronics based offers.
Total List:  22,700,000
  DVD Player Owners
Reach movie and music lovers who have purchased the hardware that
allows them to watch their favorite movies and listen to music on crystal
clear DVD's & CD's.  They will respond to your entertainment related offer.
Total List:  11,500,000
  Internet Buyers
Contact consumers who are known internet buyers.  They have discovered
the ease and convenience  of shopping online.  Target your promotion by
selecting from numerous product categories and demographic selections.
Total List:  21,200,000
  Internet Users
These consumers found their way into the global village at either home or
work.  They use the Internet to find information about nearly every
subject conceivable, including news, sports, shopping, finance, and email.
Total List:  27,800,000
  iPhone Owners
Owners of iPhones -- a three in one techonological marvel. It combines a
revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a
breakthrough internet communications device with exclusive applications.
Total List:  563,000
  Modem Owners
This file of known modem owners provides a strong audience for
computer offers for both hardware, software and ancillary items, home
entertainment systems, and other mid to high-end offers.
Total List:  5,000,000
  Online Service Subscribers
Subscribers to America Online, Earthlink, MSN and other online services.
This emerging electronic frontier of   computer information services is
seeing millions of new users armed with dial-up, DSL or Broadband.
Total List:  28,300,000
  Windows Users
Microsoft Windows is the de facto operating system for most computers.  
Keep these users apprised of new products and services that will continue
to make their computer experience more efficient or enjoyable.
Total List:  1,100,000


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