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  Industrial Research Labs Masterfile
With this file you can reach administrators, managers and scientists at
laboratories doing research for industry and government.  The list is
selectable by size of lab, type of lab, executive title and gender.
Total List: 39,800
  Pharmaceutical Masterfile
An audience of over 19,000 pharmaceutical industry executives, including
executives at manufacturers and wholesalers, along with pharmaceutical
equipment manufacturers.
Total List:  15,700
  Research & Laboratory Professionals Masterfile
These "scientific type" individuals work in labs and research firms in both
the public and private sectors.  Reach those in testing and standards
labs, industries, universities, government, hospitals and medical centers.

Total List:  55,000
  Research Facilities Masterfile
This file reaches independently operated, non-profit research institutes,
research support institutes, experimental stations, educational
institutions with research facilities, laboratories and bureaus.

Total List:  12,000



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