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  Book Publishing Executives Masterfile
This file reaches executives in book publishing firms and 35 services
related to the book publishing industry.  Select by executive title or by
industry.  Over one hundred university presses are included.
Total List: 16,400
  Bookstores Masterfile
You can reach the entire bookselling universe from large chains and
branch locations to neighborhood and specialty stores.  The file is
selectable by type of location, executive title and store type.
Total List:  14,400
  Magazines & Trade Papers Masterfile
Target the publishers, editors, and managing editors of the top magazines
and trade papers in the country.  The file is selectable by executive title,
frequency and circulation, and type of magazine or trade paper.
Total List:  21,400
  Newsletter Publisher Masterfile
Select by over 200 different newsletter types covering many different
aspects of business, professional and personal interests.  Title and
circulation of publication are also selectable.
Total List:  7,200
  Newspaper Masterfile
Reach weekly and daily newspapers, including names of editors involved
in all departments of this industry.  The file is selectable by newspaper
circulation, type of newspaper and by executive title or editorial specialty.
Total List:  32,900



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