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  Industrial Research Labs Masterfile
With this file you can reach administrators, managers and scientists at
laboratories doing research for industry and government.  The list is
selectable by size of lab, type of lab, executive title and gender.
Total List: 17,300
  Manufacturing Executives Masterfile
This list lets you reach top and middle management at virtually every
manufacturing firm in the U.S.  These companies use over 40% of all goods
and services produced in the country today.
Total List:  96,000
  Property and Facility Managers Masterfile
Reach plant and general managers, facility engineers, facility maintenance
managers, site engineers, property managers, supervisors, consultants,
construction & operations executives mostly within business & industrial firms.
Total List:  857,000
  Quality Control Executives Masterfile
Sometimes the question is internal quality standards and other times it
pertains to government standards.  Either way, these executives supply
the answers and provide the leadership for meeting quality standards.
Total List:  9,100
  Traffic and Distribution Managers Masterfile
Their responsibilities include air, rail, water and highway transportation,
passenger traffic, freight claims, claims prevention, rate construction, tariffs,
safety and regulatory matters, freight forwarding and warehousing.
Total List:  2,350


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