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Healthcare Services

  Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Programs Masterfile
This list reaches alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation programs
administered within health services, personnel departments and
probation agencies.  There are no contact names available.
Total List: 10,400
  Child Therapists & Welfare Organizations Masterfile
This audience is responsible for the health, education and well-being of
children.  Their actions impact children through personal intervention and
implementation and maintenance of youth-targeted programs and policies.
Total List:  15,700
  Health Service Facilities & Programs Masterfile
Reach the clinics, hospitals, youth centers, substance abuse centers,
hospices and crisis intervention centers that provide a wide variety of
health care services.  Most records are titled addressed to Medical Director.
Total List:  43,100
  Managed Healthcare Masterfile
Reach healthcare decision makers. You can select by different types of
medical facilities, service centers and insurance companies.  Each record
comes with an administrator or director name.  Test today!
Total List:  71,000
  Medical Organizations & Agencies Masterfile
Here's a compilation that reaches medical and health related organizations,
agencies and foundations. This file is selectable by type of organization and
gender. Contact names are available on 45% of the records.
Total List:  40,000
  Public Health Officials Masterfile
A masterfile comprised of public health officials at federal, state and local
levels.  Telephone numbers are available on 88% of the records.
Total List:  29,000
  Social Workers Masterfile
Licensed social workers who provide various services for the economically
and socially underprivileged.  Their duties include investigation, treatment
and rehabilitation for these individuals through public programs.
Total List:  487,000



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