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Healthcare Professionals

  Chiropractor Masterfile
Professionals who have studied one of the original forms of alternative
medicine.  For years patients have sought their treatment for back pain.  
Today, many people look to chiropractics instead of traditional medicine.
Total List: 50,300
  Dental Masterfile
You can reach America's dentists in private practice and by specialty, along
with ADA dentists, laboratories, students, faculty, equipment suppliers and
Total List:  527,500
  Nurses At Home Address
This file of nurses is compiled from state license registrations.  They are
excellent prospects for continuing education, medical publications,
seminars, uniforms and shoes, recruitment and the like.
Total List:  5,700,000
  Nurses By Specialty At Home Address
Think to use this list when you need to reach nurses by their specific
specialty.  Select by nursing specialty, age, income, marital status, license
issue date, state of issue and more.
Total List:  335,000
  Physician Masterfile
Reach physicians and surgeons at business or home address, by
specialty, by size of office and many others.  Target your audience with
our many selects to reach this multi-billion dollar market.
Total List:  1,300,000
  Psychologists Masterfile
This file encompasses psychology professionals, including psychologists,
psychoanalysts and psychotherapists.  Reach these professionals at clinics,
hospitals, counseling services, non-profits, and independent practices.
Total List:  78,300
  Radiology Technologists at Home Address
Here are professionals who perform diagnostic imaging examinations
and administer radiation treatments. Each must be licensed by their
respective states. You may choose by type of certification.
Total List:  244,000
  Veterinarians Masterfile
This list includes over 65,000 veterinarians and is selectable by veterinary
specialty, by medical discipline, by employer type and function, gender
and more.  Test this file today!
Total List:  67,400


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