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County Government

  County Officials Masterfile
Market to the nation's county officials by department.  These professionals
are responsible for managing and maintaining government departments
with staffs of 5-50 employees.  Select by gender and county population.
Total List: 96,000
  Government Administrators Masterfile
You can contact the top levels of local, county, state, federal and
international government.  Officials include: mayors, heads of foreign
governments, cabinet secretaries, federal agency officials, and more.
Total List:  601,000
  Internal & Government Auditors Masterfile
Market to the executives responsible for assessing financial control
effectiveness and reporting accuracy and operational efficiency.
Total List:  9,600
  Prisons, Jails, & Law Enforcement Officials Masterfile
Reach U.S. law enforcement officials, correctional departments, prisons,
adult detention centers and penitentiaries.  Federal, state, county and
city law enforcement officials and correctional institutions are included.
Total List:  33,800
  Public Health Officials Masterfile
A masterfile comprised of public health officials at federal, state and local
levels.  Telephone numbers are available on 88% of the records.
Total List:  29,000
  Public Safety Officials Masterfile
This extensive compilation is comprised of city, county, state and federal
safety personnel, including engineers, department heads, supervisors
and administrators involved in health and safety in the public sector.
Total List:  77,000
  Safety/Security Directors, Engineers, & Officials Masterfile
This file allows you to reach the individuals responsible for safety and
security within their organizations.  They follow the standards set by
OSHA.  Almost every record on the file has a telephone number.

Total List:  42,900



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