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  Ecologists Masterfile
This file offers a highly targeted group of educated ecologists in business,
industry, government and education.  A little over 1,000 are PhDs.  Over
2,200 records have fax numbers and virtually all records have phone #'s.
Total List: 43,000
  Environmental Executives Masterfile
These executives plan, direct and coordinate their organizations efforts to
solve pollution problems, coordinate environmental impact studies and
initiate cleaner, more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
Total List:  46,300
  Environmental Risk Management Executives & Officials MF
These executives plan for the safe handling of hazardous substances in
both the environment and human health, and undertake contingency
planning for dealing with environmental accidents and disasters.
Total List:  69,500
  Hazardous Waste Producers & Generators MF
Reach firms who are hazardous waste producers and are EPA guideline
subscribers. Most records will contain the name of the executive in charge
of safe operating procedures and compliance of EPA guidelines.
Total List:  260,000



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