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  Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration MF
A Masterfile that is comprised of companies that specialize in air conditioning,
heating & refrigeration for both residential & commercial customers. Reach
contractors, service and repair businesses, manufacturers, & wholesalers.
Total List:  120,000
  Architects Masterfile
Stay in touch with top executives at the nation's top architectural firms.
The file is selectable by employee size, firm and individual specialty. Telephone
numbers are available on 99% of the records. Place your test order today!
Total List:  38,700
  Art Industry Professionals Masterfile
The largest file of its kind on the market comprised of individuals active in
the visual arts. The file includes sculptors, artists, graphic designers,
lithographers, writers, photographers, dealers, and museum executives.
Total List:  178,200
  Association Headquarters Masterfile
Target over 21,000 executives at a wide variety of trade, business and
commercial associations, along with fraternal, foreign interest, ethnic,
patriotic and veterans organizations. The addresses are all at national HQs.
Total List:  21,500
  Barber Masterfile
This comprehensive Masterfile contains the largest numbers of barbers
available in the United States. Reach the professionals in the male hair
care industry, involved in retail, manufacturing and schooling.
Total List:  48,200
  Beauty Masterfile
Here are professionals who are active in supplying or offering products
and services aimed at improving both appearance and self-image. Select
salons, schools, manufacturers of products, manicurists, spas, and more.
Total List:  396,200
  Building and Construction Masterfile
This file comprises all aspects of building and construction. It includes
building construction, heavy construction and special trade contractors.
This file is the largest and most comprehensive available on the market.
Total List:  1,430,000
  Camping Masterfile
Reach operators of recreational, sporting and other specialty camps with
this masterfile. Telephone numbers are available on all records. You may
select by camp specialty type, contacts, and telephone numbers.
Total List:  21,200
  Consultants Masterfile
Consultants & consulting firms who offer business solutions to their clients.
This file is selectable by specialty, employee size, and gender. All records at
business address. Telephone numbers are available on 99% of the records.
Total List:  48,600
  Hotel and Motel Masterfile
You can reach hotels and motels, by franchise type. You may also select
resorts and other types of lodging within the hospitality industry. Telephone
numbers are available on 99% of the records.
Total List:  124,000
  In-Home Business Owners
These business owners, operating out of their home, are responsible for
their own: business plans, accounting, SBA loans, health insurance, legal
aspects, seed money, bank accounts and self discipline.
Total List:  3,600,000
  Jewelers Masterfile
This file offers a complete listing of jewelers, jewelry stores and other
businesses involved in the manufacture, repair and design of jewelry. Select
retailers, wholesalers, precious stones, casters, engravers and much more.
Total List:  75,000
  Transportation Masterfile
The most complete compilation of businesses in the transportation
industries, including: Air, Motor freight, Pipeline, Railroad, Over-the-road,
Water Transportation, etc.
Total List:  75,000
  Trucking Companies Masterfile
Trucking provides the nation with the most used method of transporting goods
locally and across the country. These companies haul a wide variety of goods.
The file is selectable by employee size and sales volume.
Total List:  173,200


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