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Big Business — Corporate

  Aviation Industry Executives Masterfile
Reach aviation industry executives at air carriers, suppliers, manufacturers,
charters, consultants, engineers, special services, cargo carriers, airports,
military equipment manufacturers and space industry.
Total List:  72,800
  Big Business Masterfile
This comprehensive Masterfile contains the largest companies in the
United States with at least five million dollars in annual sales or with over
twenty employees.  For heavy hitters, test this essential list today!
Total List:  226,000
  Consultants Masterfile
Consultants & consulting firms who offer business solutions to their clients.
This file is selectable by specialty, employee size, and gender. All records at
business address. Telephone numbers are available on 99% of the records.
Total List:  48,600
  Corporate Planners Masterfile
These executives are involved in planning the growth and development of
some of the country's top corporations and organizations. They will be the
people determining the direction of important industries in the years to come.
Total List:  10,300
  Fax Phones Masterfile
A comprehensive source of businesses with facsimile machines on the
premises.  The entire file is available with fax phone numbers as well as
telephone numbers.  Some executive contact names are also available.
Total List:  2,260,000
  Human Resource & Personnel Masterfile
You can reach human resource and personnel executives in many of
the nation's top companies. Selections available include job function,
industry, location, employee size, sales volume and gender.
Total List:  40,000
  Insurance Masterfile
Market to the professionals covering a myriad of insurance specialties
behind this gigantic market.  Select executives by coverage offered, by
function, by company name, by type of insurance, and much more.
Total List:  2,070,000
  Internal & Government Auditors Masterfile
Market to the executives responsible for assessing financial control
effectiveness and reporting accuracy and operational efficiency.
Total List:  75,000
  National Advertisers Masterfile
This list reaches major advertisers and their key executives responsible
for major campaigns.  The file is selectable by executive title, sales
volume, employee size, business type and advertising medium used.

Total List:  117,500
  Private Companies Masterfile
Pinpoint the top decision makers at America's largest private companies.
These companies are not traded on any stock exchange.  Select by
executive title, sales volume, SIC, employee size, and year established.
Total List:  254,000
  Property and Facility Managers Masterfile
Reach plant and general managers, facility engineers, facility maintenance
managers, site engineers, property managers, supervisors, consultants,
construction & operations executives mostly within business & industrial firms.
Total List:  857,000
  Public Affairs Executives Masterfile
With this file you can reach executives in corporations and associations
involved in communications, corporate contributions, support programs
and philanthropic activities. Almost 80% of the file has fax numbers.
Total List:  10,800
  Purchasing Executives Masterfile
These executives personally take care of or oversee just about every aspect
of purchasing in some of the nation's largest corporations. Select by employee
size and sales volume. Fax and telephone numbers are available.
Total List:  73,000
  Security Administrators Masterfile
Executives responsible for security at major businesses, educational and
government facilities. Included are public safety directors, risk managers,
investigators, corporate security departments and government agencies.
Total List:  22,000
  Transportation Masterfile
The most complete compilation of businesses in the transportation
industries, including: Air, Motor freight, Pipeline, Railroad, Over-the-road,
Water Transportation, etc.
Total List:  1,100,000


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