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Advertising & Marketing Executives

  Advertising Agencies & Executives Masterfile
Reach the nation's top advertising agencies and their executives.
Organization type, executive title, employee size and year founded are
selectable.  This is your chance to sell to the masters of selling.
Total List: 24,100
  Corporate Gift Buyers Masterfile
This file targets executives in major corporations responsible for corporate
gift-buying.  These gift buyers are especially active during the holiday
season, but are usually buying throughout the year as well.
Total List:  187,000
  Marketing Research Executives Masterfile
This file reaches mid and upper-level management involved in market
research.  The list is selectable by marketing specialty, executive title,
gender and address type.  Over 19,000 records have a telephone number.
Total List:  18,900
  Meeting Planners Masterfile
Target the executives in business, industry, corporations, organizations,
associations, hotels, motels and more who are responsible for planning
and scheduling seminars, exhibits, trade shows, and conventions.
Total List:  253,000
  Public Relations Executives Masterfile
These executives act as liaisons between these businesses and
organizations and the outside world.  The file is selectable by job function
and address type.  95% of the records have telephone numbers.
Total List:  19,300
  Sales, Marketing, Advertising & P.R. Executives Masterfile
Target executives who work in the sales, marketing, advertising and
public relations departments of some of the nation's largest corporations.
They plan and organize promotions as well as arrange meetings.
Total List:  380,000


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